Projects I have worked on

Pallet Placer

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), and Web Designer for Pallet Placer LLC. provides a visual, easy to use truck organization software that can help to prevent shipping errors, assist in choosing correct truck types, and show a visual representation of the truck layout. It makes it easy to book shipments online and transfer the information to the shipping company of your choice. As a member you are able to book and save shipments, keep a contact database, save personal preferences, generate free bills of lading, reference current country wide laws and regulations, find out about shipping permits, understand popular freight terms, and read industry news.

Robotic Preheat Torch

Inventor on the Wolf Robotics Patent for a Robotic Preheat Torch

A propylene torch that is used to heat parts before welding. A temperature sensor accommodates the torch to ensure the correct temperature is met. The preheat torch can be picked up and dropped off autonomously.

Hydraulic Hybrid

Worked on a team of 5 student engineers and 2 professional engineers to design and build a hydraulic hybrid vehicle.

A retrofit kit was designed for automotive truck conversion to efficient hydraulic hybrid power. The project involved many aspects of automotive engineering. Specific tasks involved development of prints and system design, dynamic, solid and hydraulic modeling and unit assemblage. Developed control systems in Simulink. Fuel efficiency and quality control included: consumption profiles, debugging, and rigorous testing protocols.

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Day Project

Quaternion Convertor Web App

Converts between quaternion coordinates and Euler angles.